Sunday, October 21, 2012


It is no secret that the choices we make, define our lives. Whether you are a celebrity or a regular human being, your decisions will have an impact on someone or something and you will be judged (evaluated) upon it.

Unfortunately, for former professional cyclist and cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong, this judgment came once he had accomplished a lot in life and took it all away quickly, fairly. The most disappointing part about this is not all the fans, sponsors and country he let down, but the toll that the LIVESTRONG cancer foundation took due to his acts.

Let's all remember that -putting all negative facts aside- this organization fights for a great humanitarian cause. People every day die from cancer and families are affected by it. Though this campaigning is greatly affiliated with Armstrong's image and own life, and, sadly, was jeopardized by his own self, let's not turn our backs on it.

Like the saying "don't hate the game, hate the player", it is our choice to either turn our backs on a foundation that is determined to help others, or to keep believing in a good cause. If we really think about it, the support we have been giving the organization was never about Armstrong... It was all about the people who are fighting this horrible illness.

Let's keep on helping, so others can keep on fighting... Let's all keep living strong!
                                                                                                                 - Y gracias por no fumar!

Wristband and message of Livestrong campaign.
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Encuentro De Números Uno

Este fin de semana los Patriotas de Nueva Inglaterra viajan a la costa oeste del país para enfrentarse a unos Seahawks de Seattle que no le temen a nadie.
Los Patriotas llegan a este partido, al igual que los Seahawks, con un record de 3 victorias y 2 derrotas. Sin embargo, lo más interesante de este partido no será que ambos equipos poseen un promedio ganador de .600, sino que será un verdadero duelo de defensiva contra ofensiva.
Después de cinco fechas disputadas, la ofensiva de Nueva Inglaterra se encuentra de primera en el ranking de la NFL con 19 touchdowns, 2.197 yardas recorridas (1.370 yardas completadas en pases y 827 yardas corridas). Y, a su vez, la defensiva de Seattle ocupa el mismo puesto con solamente 6 touchdowns permitidos, 1.293 yardas concedidas (333 por tierra y 960 por aire), acumulando 3 intercepciones y 16 saqueadas al mariscal de campo rival, y provocando 8 arrebatos de balón (fumbles).
El equipo del oeste no es cosa de juego. Desde el inicio de temporada el entrenador Pete Carroll y la organización de los Seahawks de Seattle han demostrado tener carácter con sus decisiones. Por ejemplo, recordemos que el talentoso receptor Terrell Owens fue cortado del roster del equipo por ser problemático y tener un mal desempeño, y Matt Flynn, a pesar de haber sido traído al equipo para ser el mariscal de campo titular, perdió la posición debido a la excelente pre-temporada del novato Russell Wilson.
A Seattle le gustan estos desafíos y harán todo lo posible para terminar el partido con record de 4 ganados y 2 perdidos, en vez de 3-3. El jugar en casa les brinda confianza y los convierte en un equipo mucho más peligroso de lo que ya son en esta batalla entre la defensiva y la ofensiva número uno de la NFL.
¿Será que es verdad que la ofensiva es poderosa, pero que la defensiva es la que gana campeonatos? No se pierdan el encuentro el domingo a las 4:05 de la tarde en el CenturyLink Field.
- Y gracias por no fumar!
NFL hottest matchup on week 6: # 1 Defense vs. # 1 Offense.
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Brady vs. Manning

¡La rivalidad de la década pasada regresa! Este fin de semana traerá uno de los encuentros más esperados, llamativos y emocionantes del calendario de la temporada regular de la NFL.
Los Patriotas de Nueva Inglaterra recibirán en el Gillette Stadium a los Broncos de Denver el domingo a las 4:25 de la tarde en un partido que contará con la presencia de dos de los mejores mariscales de campo en la historia del futbol americano.
Tom Brady y Peyton Manning, quienes protagonizaron históricos partidos la década pasada cuando Manning jugaba para los Colts de Indianápolis, se verán las caras nuevamente después de un año de ausencia por parte de Manning por lesiones. Sin embargo, esta vez Manning vendrá con un arsenal nuevo de jugadores pertenecientes a los Denver de Broncos, quienes darán todo por el todo para salir victoriosos del encuentro.
La cita entre Nueva Inglaterra y Denver promete mucho por varias razones:
1.       Ambos equipos vienen de ganar arrolladoramente este domingo pasado (Los Broncos vencieron 37 – 6, y los Patriotas dominaron 52 – 28), y, al mismo tiempo, han demostrado ser igual de vulnerables en juegos anteriores.
2.       Tanto ofensiva como defensivamente, ambas unidades se han visto muy bien, pero también muy mal, y los aspectos en los que tienen que mejorar son muy similares. Por ejemplo, los dos equipos necesitan tener un mejor juego ofensivo por tierra y jugar bien los 60 minutos de partido.
3.       Poseen entrenadores inteligentísimos y con mucha experiencia.
4.       Es un encuentro personal entre Brady y Manning, porque en Noviembre del 2010, Brady y sus Patriotas vencieron a Manning y su ex equipo, los Colts.
5.       Y es un encuentro personal entre Nueva Inglaterra y Denver también, porque los Patriotas derrotaron sin compasión a los Broncos en el juego divisional de la post-temporada del 2011.
Aunque el partido y sus protagonistas hablan por sí solos, lo cierto es que el margen de error será bien pequeño para que un equipo se sobreponga al otro el domingo por la tarde, y ultimadamente vencerá el equipo que este mejor sincronizado a nivel ofensivo y defensivo.

- Y gracias por no fumar!
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Historic Day For Two Venezuelan Big Leaguers

Omar Vizquel and Miguel Cabrera were the center of attention on the night of October 3, 2012. While it might have been for very different reasons, they both made the Venezuelan people and Latino communities all over the world proud.
It is easy to tell that Vizquel and Cabrera are nothing alike, but they shined on the same day, coincidently. While Omar Vizquel is super charismatic and talkative, Miguel Cabrera is not a people person. During his 24 year MLB playing career, Vizquel was a role model on and off the field, always helpful and understanding with the media and fans… Parents would want their kids to look up to him. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Cabrera.
Though, what can be said is that the kid was born to play the game of baseball. Cabrera has not disappointed anyone on the field since he was a prospect. Throughout his years in the Majors, he has been a home run and RBI machine, putting unbelievable numbers season after season.
Off the field, I must admit that I do not like the guy, but, on the field, he is the best player a team can have. Cabrera has shown to be a complete player, doing well with his glove, extraordinary with his bat, and a true team player. Therefore, I am excited that he won the Triple Crown this season after 45 years without a winner, and I feel proud and blessed to have witnessed such a historic accomplishment. He totally deserved it! And who knows? Maybe this is what he needed to start being more matured, responsible and respectful off the field.
Vizquel, without a doubt, was also brought into this world to play ‘ball’, as well. Blessed with so much talent, Omar shared smiles and stories with thousands of people during his baseball career. His sense of humor and humbleness made it easy for him to be liked and admired by baseball fans from all over the world. And his mental and physical preparation for the game, as well as his skills, allowed him to be privileged enough to enjoy and be one of the few players who ever played the game through four different decades in the MLB (from 1989 to 2012).
Last night, at the age of 45, Omar Vizquel played his last baseball game as a player. The great infielder played shortstop (his routine position in his younger days), wore number 13 (exchanged numbers for a day with Lawrie), threw the ceremonial pitch, made a catch over the shoulder, hit a single in his last at-bat, and left the game with a huge standing ovation (well deserved), after being taken out of the game in the top of the ninth inning with two outs, winning the game 2-1. In a way, the game reflected a summary of his career: playing shortstop, wearing number 13, smiling, making great plays, hitting singles and making people proud, happy and joyful.

In case you are wondering…
- Miguel Cabrera won the AL Triple Crown after recording an average at-bat of .330, 44 HRs and 139 RBIs.
- Some of Vizquel’s achievements as a big leaguer are: 11 times golden glove, 3 times selected to the All Star game, fielding percentage (.985), oldest player to ever player the shortstop position (45), most number of games played at the shortstop position, least number of errors at the shortstop position in a season (3), among others.
Congratulations Miguel Cabrera and Omar Vizquel for your historic accomplishments! The Hall of Fame awaits you.

- Y gracias por no fumar!
Collage of Miguel Cabrera's and Omar Vizquel's historic nights (Own creation).