Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Real Warrior

It is no coincidence that Carles Puyol is so successful at what he does for a living.  Puyol is an amazing defender who is humble, gives one hundred percent all the time, and plays for the name in the front of the jersey, instead of the name on the back of it. Without a doubt, he is any forward’s nightmare as he is one tough defender who never gives up and leaves everything on the field. He is considered by his adversaries to be a “wall”, or a “blockage on the road”, if you will, because very rarely someone is able to go by him with the soccer ball.  

The skills and abilities just mentioned and his actions on and off the field have helped him tremendously to earn the right and privilege to be the captain of his all-time career club team: F.C. Barcelona. Any coach would be more than thrilled to have Puyol play for his team, as he simply is not only the backbone of the team, but the heart and soul of it. I am sure that when Puyol decides to retire, he will be remembered by many for being one of the best defenders in the history of the sport, winner of uncountable tournaments, trophies and personal awards, extremely gifted, respectful, a leader, and passionate for the game, as well as, protective of his teammates.

He is definitely a very admirable soccer player and someone who younger generations should look up to. The world of sports really needs more athletes like this awesome soccer player, who is currently thirty three years old, but still kicks the ball like a twenty year old.

Other soccer players who have similar characteristics to Carles Puyol are Ryan Giggs of Manchester United (English Soccer) and Iker Casillas of Real Madrid (Spanish Soccer), among others.

- Y gracias por no fumar!

Carles Puyol (F.C. Barcelona uniform). From


  1. Although I've never been a fan of Barcelona, I have to admit that you are right. Puyol is one of those players who combines the old and the new spirit of Spain in the soccer field. Years ago, when they were known as "La Furia Española," in a time when they were unsuccessful in every major tournament, Spain was famous for their courage, for playing with all their heart, but their technical skills were still not a match for teams like Brazil, Germany or Italy. More recently they have changed and turned into an incredibly well organized team with the highest technical skills in the planet, and now it's rare to see them lose. Some, however, think they lost their courageous side, although most agree that it was for the best. Puyol is one of the few that still have that bald attitude of leaving everything in the field, with the only detail that he is also at the highest levels of technical skill.
    Nice article! I'll be coming back!

  2. Puyol is a LEGEND! His commitment on the field says it all. He has been solid throughout the years and people talk about Xavi, Iniesta and Messi....but his contribution as a player/captain makes it plausible to call Puyol a LEGEND.

  3. Best defender to ever put a Barcelona jersey on, funny thing is that he was a midfielder but was converted into a defender. That shows his ability to adapt very quickly and still play extremely well. Great job Diego, this was beautifully written.