Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bilbao Won, Too!

Team picture of Athletic Club Bilbao. A team which roster consists
of players only from the Basque country. Picture from

Despite the two losses that Athletic Club Bilbao suffered this season at the Europa League and Copa Del Rey final matches, the team still has very positive results to show for and be proud of. Based on the philosophy of the club, the Basques have managed to create one of the best ‘canteras’ of the Spanish League. And the direct result of it, is the young group of players the club now has playing in its first division league team.

A direct result of it, is the excellent group of players who currently defend the colors of the team they live for. These players adore and respect the club, and would not like to play for any other club in the world. From the moment they were born, they have been fans of the club. And, the club has seen these players grow into professional soccer players step by step. Throughout their lives, these players have shared laughter and sadness with the club.

This season we witnessed the talent that these young soccer players possess and what they are capable of. They are aware that a long and tough road lays ahead of them, but they play with no fear and with a lot of energy. These guys like the challenge and understand the ‘good and bad’ that comes with it. They do not only know they have to get up right after they fall, but they also know how important it is to learn from their mistakes, as they want to go above the expectations of the club. And more than anything else, they know they have the unconditional support of fans whose passion for the team is indescribable.

Lastly, what truly completes this team is coach Marcelo Bielsa. He is very committed to the team and is one of the greatest soccer coaches that ever lived. Therefore, I believe that under his direction and the team's efforts, ‘The Lions’ will keep getting better and better, and obtaining more experience, which will help the team capture better results year after year. Clearly, this young, talented and energetic team is on the right track and great success awaits them in the near future. Well done, Athletic Club Bilbao! It really was a fantastic season!

- Y gracias por no fumar!

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