Friday, June 8, 2012

'Wicked' Fantastic Fans

True Celtics fans are characterized for being loyal to their beloved team and knowledgeable about the game of basketball. They are proud of forming part of a team with such great tradition, where amazing hall of famers have played. They understand what it really means to belong to 'Beantown' and the history of the Celtics franchise.

In addition, Celtics fans recognize that times have changed. They appreciate and measure the talent of their players by the effort they put into the game, the love they have for the jersey they wear, and the intensity they bring to the team colors they defend. Celtics fans know no race or color, other than the green of the uniform and the clover leaf logo that represents them. They are aware that it is not about the name of the player or how famous he may be, but instead about the individual contribution to the Celtics in order to make them a better team.

Boston Celtics fans are definitely the X-Factor of this team. They improve the quality of the team. They intimidate the opponent teams and their fans. They create a frenetic atmosphere in the stadium. They make the Celtics feel well supported, respected, admired and truly comfortable at home. And, they bring energy to the stadium, which is very positively absorbed by the players and all the rest of the fellow fans. They win with them and lose with them... they celebrate with them and suffer with them. They simply play the most important role on this team, and they do it 'wicked' perfect, because Celtics pride does not die in this side of the country, whether the team wins a crucial game 7, or the championship # 18 or not.

- Y gracias por no fumar!

Paul Pierce being congratulated by Celtics fans. Picture from

Collage of pictures that show the Celtics fans supporting and celebrating with their players, and intimidating and 
distracting the opponent players (Own creation).


  1. I agree with you, looking at the video of the fans Singing Let's Go Celtics until the end of Game 6, is just amazing

  2. The "Separated at birth" picture of Gasol is absolutely hilarious. Boston fans are definitely unique in their unfettered passion for the sport. Go Green !

  3. Some teams are amazing because of their fans. Celtic's fans are superb. Their chants at the end of Game 6 at the TD Garden against the Heat reminded me of how Roberto Baggio, the famous Italian soccer player, became a fan of Boca Juniors. He said: "How did I become a fan of Boca? It's an interesting story. A rainy Sunday, I was at my house with a friend of mine and I saw a game on TV. The score was 4–0, and was played at the Boca stadium, La Bombonera. At one point they scanned across the crowd at their fans: they danced, they sang, they twirled flags and banners. A contagious joy. I said to my friend, 'It's beautiful to do this when their team is winning.' And he turned to me and said: 'Roberto, are you watching? Boca are losing 0–4! …' From that moment Boca has become my team. That stadium gives me incredible feelings."