Sunday, July 8, 2012

Traitor Land

“Really? Why? No, no way… I must be dreaming! He would never do this to us… I cannot believe it!”, I thought when I heard the news.

The signing of Ray Allen with the NBA Champions Miami Heat has everyone in Boston heartbroken, confused and upset. It is not only that he chose to join our biggest and most hated rival, it is that he decided to “take his talent to South Beach” even though the Heat Organization offered him half the salary the Celtics did. By doing this, Allen pretty much said “Celtics I am leaving you because I do not believe in your organization’s plans for next year, in the talent of the players I am surrounded here by, and in having a chance to win another ring”.
We all were aware of the possibility of losing Ray Allen to another team, but we never thought he would actually even consider the Miami Heat out of respect for the Celtics’ fans and his understanding of the rivalry between this two teams. Out of all the teams he could have gone to, that was simply the only place he could not. Now that this is a reality… a cruel one, this stinks even more than when Johnny Damon decided to sign for the New York Yankees. At least, Damon did it for the money, but Ray Allen did it because he did not think he would have a shot at next year’s title with the Boston Celtics.
Nevertheless, I try to look at the positive side and think that Ray Allen did not only quit on us, but also on himself. He knew he was a loved super star in Boston and that we were counting on his continuation on the team… especially, after Kevin Garnett agreed to a 3-year deal with Boston, recently. But, by avoiding the challenge of working hard in Boston for another ring and taking the ‘easy road’ with the Heat, he is sort of stating that he does not even trust his skills and abilities as much as he used to.
I understand that he did great things for the Celtics and that he is the NBA all-time 3-point leading scorer, but I wish him nothing but absolutely no success in Miami and hope that he never wins another title. He betrayed the Celtics and its fans in the worst and most hurtful possible way for the cocky and unbearable Miami Heat, and I will never forgive him for it. If you think about it, in a way, Miami is starting to become the “Traitor Land” of America in basketball, first with Lebron James and Chris Bosh, and now with Ray Allen… this is simply disappointing and pathetic. Shame on all of them!
But, do not worry Celtics fans. Be sure of one thing… just like the Red Sox did after Damon left, we will build another very talented team, come back stronger than before and win the championship again very soon!

- Y gracias por no fumar!
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  1. Shame on Allen. Long live the Celtics!

  2. Yeap, Allen took the easy way out. Celts need a suitable replacement at that position if they want to have a shot at yet another ring.