Monday, September 17, 2012

Stupid NHL Lockout

The National Hockey League’s lockout makes no sense. It jeopardizes the sport’s popularity and punishes the fans the most. While the players and the league’s association come to terms, the sport itself misses on the continuation and development of the game.

Hockey is the fourth most popular sport in The United States, surpassed by football, baseball and basketball. However, this current lockout has not even caused half the commotion that the NFL or NBA had during their own recent lockouts.
As a matter of fact, the current strike of the NFL referees has received much more attention from the media and the general public than the NHL lockout.
This situation between the NHL and the league is not smart all. If the matter does not get resolved, most of the players will just go to play in Europe (from rookies to super stars) and no professional action will be seen in America. Also, hockey will suffer from it, as the support of the fans will disappear and the sport’s popularity ranking will drop drastically.
The players and the league need to understand that they are the only responsible for the future of hockey. The consequences could be devastating, if an agreement is actually not met. And, of course, in that case, the players and the league would be held accountable for, as this is -sadly- all about who gets the biggest portion of the business and who has more power over whom.

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