Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What Is Ronaldo's Deal?

The player who has it all, apparently, is not happy. How is that possible?
Cristiano Ronaldo plays for the most famous club in the world, enjoys a salary of about ten million euros per year, and dates a smoking hot super model. Again, how is he sad?
Reportedly, Ronaldo’s family is doing just fine and, despite the rumors, money is not what the Portuguese soccer phenomenon is looking for. Also, he already sent a message to his Real Madrid fans expressing that ‘he will not let his professional commitment to the team and himself affect or interfere with his performance on the pitch’.
So, where is he going with this? Why is he making such an unnecessary commotion?
He said he feels lonely and not loved by Real Madrid, but how can he feel that way when he is the most expensive player on the team’s roster? Every time he scores a goal almost every one of his teammates run to hug and congratulate him, the coach adores him. In addition, Ronaldo plays the position he likes, is rarely substituted, takes pretty much all the free-kicks and penalty-kicks, his jersey is the one that is sold the most, and shares locker room with a few of his national squad teammates. What else could he possibly want!?
 This is just too strange for me to understand… maybe former Real Madrid defender, Roberto Carlos, is right on the dot when he said that ‘Ronaldo is probably upset because he did not win the Best Player of Europe Award last week’. But for whatever reason it may be, what it is certain is that Cristiano Ronaldo needs to stop whining and crying, to get his act together, and to cut off his childish attitude.
Real Madrid needs men on the field to accomplish all the goals it has in mind for this and every season… little boys who need attention and like being ‘drama-queens’ are not going to help the team at all.
- Y gracias por no fumar!
Cristiano Ronaldo showing his discomfort, unhappiness, frustration,
 or whatever it may be. Picture from

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  1. Ronaldo is always crying about something, he has it all, i think what kills him is that even he is the best player on the team he doesnt get the love that casillas, xavi and even sergio ramos get from the fans, he is playing in spain and with all the fever caused by the Spanish National Team the fans are kind of locked in with their guys, so players from other countries are not the main act unless ur name is Messi, im not saying he doesnt get love in Spain but he wants it all and he wont get it all... also i hardly see ronaldo going back to england, the life style there is different than Spain, Portugal or italy where cultures are sure messi wont ever cry about that, never ever, thats why he is the best player in the whole world!