Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jets Got Nothing

I got news for you New York: with Mark Sanchez as quarterback the Jets are never winning a Super Bowl! It does not matter how many more opportunities Coach Rex Ryan gives him, or how much support Sanchez receives from the team in general… he is just not a winning quarterback. Period!

Honestly, it is a shame for all the real talented players on the team because I believe that if they were being led by a better quarterback, this group of players would have won a Super Bowl already, and would be championship contenders this season, too.
It is sad to think that the team that has had one of the toughest defenses in the NFL for the past four years has not found the results they have been seeking since Coach Ryan took charge of the team and created a winning mentality within the organization.
Clearly, the Jets are missing just one piece to get the puzzle together. But, unfortunately for them, it happens to be the most important piece out of all. It is just surprising to me to notice that Coach Ryan and/or the Jets organization have not realized this yet, or just do not want to admit it.
In my opinion, this is not only an insult to super star players like Revis, Holmes, Cromartie, and Greene, but also to the team's fans. Oh, and if it has even crossed your mind that Tim Tebow is the solution to the problem, then you are headed to some big disappointment because I doubt that the miracle that happened in Denver last year will repeat itself in New York all over again.
- Y gracias por no fumar!
QB Mark Sanchez sitting on the turf after a play unfolded.
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