Sunday, November 25, 2012

No Gentleman On The Pitch

26th minute, score is 1-0 Shakhtar winning. The soccer match is about to be resumed after the referee stopped it due to a collision between two opposing players.
In an effort to apply the FIFA fair play rule, one of the Shakhtar’s players kicks the ball out to the Nordsjaelland’s defense so they can start playing from the back, but wait a minute -I cannot believe my eyes- Luiz Adriano from Shakhtar ignores the intention of his teammate, runs after the ball, gets it and scores while everyone else on the field is not moving.
To make the match even more unforgettable, the referees get together and do not cancel out the goal.
Call it however you want… shameful, cheap shot, dirty, unfair, illegal, etc. I just think it is crazy how soccer plays out sometimes. On one hand, there are super honest players like Miroslav Klose, who called off his own goal with Lazio after scoring with his hand. And on the other, there are shameless and disrespectful players like Luiz Adriano who dishonored the FIFA fair play rule at its worst.
I had never witnessed such a pathetic behavior in soccer before. And I hope I never will again -not only for the love I have for the game- but for the reputation and future of the most popular sport in the world.
Like my friends said “they should create an anti FIFA fair play award and give it to Luiz Adriano... Maybe that way he will be embarrassed of his actions. Shame on him!”

- Y gracias por no fumar! 

Luiz Adriano right after scoring his controvertial goal. Picture from

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