Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tennis, Sun and Latin Flavor!

I had the pleasure to be invited to cover the 2012 Ericsson Open in Miami, Florida by Venezuelan's Magazine: "Pass Times" from Editorial Group Company EGE. The tournament ended this past Sunday, and it was my first time in such an event, but I promise you it will not be the last one.

The atmosphere that is created for this professional tennis tournament is so spectacular and enjoyable that you can spend the whole day there doing many different things. From having a picnic with your family and friends, to shopping (or getting acquainted with) all the latest tennis clothing and styles, to watching single or double matches (men or women) all the time you want. You can also participate in games and raffles, watch live music performances, and see the players practicing and interacting with the media and fans, signing kids' huge tennis balls and, occasionally, taking pictures with fans.

Undoubtedly, this is a special venue for people of all ages. Some of its best features are that tickets are affordable, each session is pretty well-organized, and it offers a great deal of excitement to kids and adults in all aspects of the 'tennis experience'. I must warn you though that the more games you watch, the more into the tournament you get, and therefore, the more players you want to follow and the more matches you want to watch.

The Miami weather is really a plus to this tournament. It is always hot and sunny during this time of the year down there, which may be too much for some people, but if you live up north (like I do) and are trying to take a break from the cold winter, then this is a great spot to be. With such great climate, fans have the opportunity to combine the tennis tournament with beach days and Latin food. But if you do not want to miss any tennis action, you can even get a tan at the tennis place, and trust me, you will!

Honestly, this is a tennis tournament that should not be missed, because even if you do not follow tennis or do not know much about it, you will get into it and start cheering for some player(s). You get to see the best tennis players in the world participate in this tournament, as they all love Miami's weather, crowd and the city in general. The players will make you feel the adrenaline rush go through your veins, stand up your seat and celebrate point after point very passionately.

This year's winners were # 1 in the world, Novak Djokovic for the men; and # 4 in the world, Agnieszka Radwanska for the women. Nevertheless, the real 'exclamation point' for me was not to watch the final matches, but to witness all the players' special abilities that characterized them, such as the speed service of Isner, the strength of Nadal, the concentration of Sharapova, the popularity of the Williams' sisters, the elegance of Federer, the discipline of Azarenka, the agility of Tsonga, the determination of Radwanska, and the class and tenacity of Djokovic, as the tournament unfolded.

The tennis Sony Ericsson Open truly is a close-up and first hand experience, so keep it in mind for next year... it will be totally worth it!

- Y gracias por no fumar!

Main entrance to Miami's 2012 Sony Ericsson Open. Picture taken by my crew.

Collage of pictures taken with my camera during the event. Djokovic at top right corner, Federer
at bottom left corner, Tsonga at bottom right corner, and my cousin and I at top right corner.


  1. Muy interesante para alguien que piensa que en el tenis se anotan carreras, que bueno que te este yendo tan bien hermanito, un abrazo!.

  2. I have never been to an event such as this but after reading about your experience, I wouldn't hesitate if I was presented with a chance to go. This was very interesting to read and the humor in there is appreciated.