Sunday, April 1, 2012

Do You Believe In Magic?

"When hope was almost all gone and things were tearing apart, a 'local hero' came back to the rescue", some of us may say. This local hero is very familiar with the city of Los Angeles, and L.A. is also very familiar with him. He is no other but Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

Less than a week ago, it was announced that Magic was part of the new ownership group that had bought the L.A. Dodgers. With this news Magic gave new life to the Dodgers organization and to its fans, as the people of Los Angeles recognize that this deal means so much more than the beginning of new ownership.
Magic has always been loved and admired by the people of L.A. He has given them happiness and sadness, but overall, he has given them hope, dreams and joy. Magic's input to the team is going to be invaluable simply because he means so much to the city, as well as the city means so much to him. He is part of the history of L.A. and has always been passionate about it.
Though he is not a baseball player nor does he have too much knowledge about it, no one is questioning his ability to help the team and the Dodgers organization. Magic has already expressed his excitement about being part of the Dodgers organization, and has shared some goals toward the team with the media, such as putting money into the renovation and improvement of the stadium, and helping the team conquer a championship sooner than later. And fans appear to be taking his goals very positively.
It has not even been a week yet and his impact on the team has already started to show. Opening day tickets sold out just hours after the news about Magic being one of the new co-owners of the team was released. Dodgers fans must be excited about it and understand that this is a huge step moving forward. Without a doubt, Magic will have a positive outcome in the city of LA and the Dodgers organization by bringing Dodgers fans back to the stadium and acquiring a group of players who will deliver the ultimate goal: be world champs! Just like he did with the Lakers when he won five NBA championships with them, and when he became a HIV activist to bring awareness around about the not well known disease (in the 1990s).
For Magic Johnson this new chapter of his life is a new battle that he will carry out until the objective is achieved. Basketball fans already know that he is a man of his word and when he promises something, he does not rest until the results he is after come along. Fans outside basketball who do not know Magic are about to find out that he makes things happen... even if he has to fight against all odds, just like he does every single day of his life with HIV.

- Y gracias por no fumar!

Magic Johnson celebrating Dodgers' ownership.
Picture from AP Images


  1. Indeed, I too share your sentiment; something Magical will happen with the L.A. Dodgers. MJ has shown incredible aptitude as a businessman. Although, I was taken aback when I heard the price-tag.

  2. The price tag was so high because the Dodgers' TV rights in the LA area are up for auction soon and as you can tell by the millions that Time Warner had to pay for the Lakers' rights so they will recover a major part of that investment just from that.

    Also, as much as this hurts MJ usually stands for Jordan and Jordan has shown incredible stupidity as a businessman, as a scout, and as a human being altogether after retiring from basketball (that stupid stunt to replace Jerry West's NBA Logo with the Air Jordan silhouette is beyond me). Magic is pure and simple the real life equivalent of King Midas and if the Dodgers were a public company I'd be buying as much stock as I could on them.