Saturday, April 21, 2012

"El Clasico" Is Upon Us

This year´s Real Madrid-Barça game could not come at a better time. About a month ago, Real Madrid was at the top of the Spanish League leading Barcelona by 10 points. Everyone had lost hope in Barcelona´s chances to win the league… even Guardiola! However, all this assumption had a complete turn around when Barça went on a long winning streak, and The Merengues could not finish up games that ended in surprising draws.

Therefore, Real Madrid is today four points ahead of Barça, and if Madrid wins today at the Camp Nou, they will pretty much seal the deal and celebrate at The Cibeles, where they usually gather with their fans to enjoy the league´s title. On the other hand, if Barcelona wins today, they will make the league even more interesting by positioning themselves only one point behind Real Madrid, hoping that Madrid will succumb against their pressure.

The point is that today both teams arrive hungry to this very meaningful game that promises to be very exciting and full of emotions, like always. They both need to win today to benefit their own interests, and the history of this rivalry will not disappoint, of course.

El Clasico has so much history, drama and importance behind it that it makes it not only the most followed soccer match in the world, but the most famous, emotive and interesting one. From fans to coaches to players, everyone wants to be part of the Real Madrid vs Barcelona games, somehow.

Throughout the years, this Spanish Derbi has gained more and more popularity due to many factors. For instance, Figo´s transfer to Real Madrid from Barça in 2000 intensified the feelings of the rivalry making them hate each other even more. And, the “battle of the best” between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi has motivated both soccer clubs to be better and win it all to show their supremacy over one another.

In the end, El Clasico is about Real Madrid vs Barcelona fans, Mourinho vs Guardiola, their systems and tactics (Real Madrid buying the best players of the world vs the players of La Cantera of Barcelona), Los Merengues vs Los Cules, Adidas vs Nike, Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi, and the war for the Pichichi and the title of the Spanish League!

                                                                                - Y gracias por no fumar!

Messi of Barça (left) and Ronaldo of Real Madrid (right). Picture from cabletvdeportes

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